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  1. Updating Your Office interior

    An image of a newly decorated commercial office space.







    Every business will have a set budget when it comes to funding decor and interior projects. However, even with the tightest of budgets, there are always small changes you can do that end up having a great and positive impact on the overall feel of your interior. (more…)

  2. How Often Should I Stain my Fence?

    An image of a wooden fence, prior to staining.






    Staining your fence provides a protective barrier over the wood against the outside elements. Wood stains may be semi-transparent or shown as a solid colour, depending on the level of pigment in the solution. (more…)

  3. Tips for Painting The Outside of Your House

    An image of three houses next to each other than have been painted different colours.







    Painting the exterior of your home comes with its own set of challenges, not least because of the outside elements. However, there are a few things you can do to help this task run smoothly. (more…)

  4. Using Paint Spraying Guns

    An image of paint that has been applied to a wall using a paint spray gun.







    Paint spraying guns are an efficient way to paint a wide variety of surfaces, including walls, cabinets and ceilings. However, they must be used properly in order to gain the best finish. (more…)