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  1. Top Tips for Painting a Ceiling

    An image of white paint on a ceiling which shows patches on uneven paint.


    If you’re planning to update one or several rooms in your home, you may also be planning on applying a fresh coat of paint to the ceiling. A&J Painters and Decorators discuss top tips for painting a ceiling so you can get the best finish.

  2. Putting Personality into Your Home

    An image of living room with neutral walls and colourful accessories to add personality to the room.






    It used to be the case that statement wallpaper and bold colours filled every room in a house. However, in recent years, homeowners have opted for a more neutral look. (more…)

  3. Painting Tips

    An image of several paint brushes that have different colours of paint in them.









    If you would like to update the appearance of your home or have moved homes and would like to change the current decor, we have some top tips for you. In the latest blog post from A and J Painters & Decorators, we discuss top tips for painting, ensuring you get a high-quality finish every time.

  4. Considerations When Decorating a Nursery

    An image of a pile of baby clothes in pink.







    Decorating a nursery can definitely be fun, but it must also be practical so as not to get in the way of day to day tasks you are likely to carry out in the room. In the latest blog post by A&J Painters and Decorators, we take a look at considerations to make when decorating a nursery, helping you to create a room that suits your taste in decor and personal requirements.