How to Achieve a Calming Bedroom Interior

Your bedroom is your place to relax and unwind, but did you know that your decor may be affecting the quality of sleep you achieve each night? Research conducted by Travelodge suggests that pastel blue shades are the best option for a soothing nighttime experience, but that’s not to say that there aren’t a plethora of other ways you can make your bedroom interior relaxing, keep reading our latest blog post for some great ideas.

Choose The Right Bed

The right bed can mean the difference between a good night’s sleep and a restless one. Finding the right bed means ensuring you invest in a bed that is the right size for you and the space you have available. Of course, the firmness of your mattress is just as important as the style of bed frame you choose, so it is wise to spend some time shopping around before you purchase.

Implement Soft Lighting

When you are winding down for the night, the last thing you want is a harsh light shining down on you. The lighting included in your bedroom interior should be slightly different from the rest of your house, helping you transition yourself from alert and awake to relaxed and sleepy. Consider adding a dimmer switch to your main light, as well as lamps with low wattage bulbs for a peaceful effect. If you find yourself struggling to sleep without a light, but do not want to keep your lamp on all evening, consider investing in a specially made night light to ease you into a deep slumber.

Surround Yourself With Calming Colours

As previously mentioned, the colours in your bedroom can go a long way towards helping you wind down for sleep. However, it is not just the colour which you decorate your bedroom interior walls with that can make a difference. Your bedroom is a place for you to feel at ease, therefore, any soft furnishings and ornaments you place in the space should reflect this. At A & J Painters we specialise in transforming both domestic bedroom interior and commercial spaces. If you are considering updating the decor in your bedroom, contact our friendly team today who will be happy to talk over your plans with you.