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  1. Transforming Your School Interior

    An image of a chalk board inside a school.







    Schools are a hub of activity, which can mean that the building suffers from general marks and scratches that build up over time. In the latest post from A & J Painters and Decorators, we take a look at ways in which schools can transform their interior.

  2. The Benefits of Varnish

    An image of a skilled painter and decorator varnishing wood to protect it.







    Real wood furniture looks great in any room of your home. Providing an authentic and solid finish, real wood furniture can typically cost more than its veneer counterpart, which is why it makes sense to look after it. A & J Painters and Decorators discuss the benefits of varnishing real wood. (more…)

  3. Top Tips for Painting a Ceiling

    An image of white paint on a ceiling which shows patches on uneven paint.


    If you’re planning to update one or several rooms in your home, you may also be planning on applying a fresh coat of paint to the ceiling. A&J Painters and Decorators discuss top tips for painting a ceiling so you can get the best finish.

  4. Putting Personality into Your Home

    An image of living room with neutral walls and colourful accessories to add personality to the room.






    It used to be the case that statement wallpaper and bold colours filled every room in a house. However, in recent years, homeowners have opted for a more neutral look. (more…)