Choosing Your Paint Colours

An image of a bedroom with a dark coloured statement wall and light woodwork.







The way you use colour in your home can make a big difference to the overall aesthetics and atmosphere of the space. For our latest blog post, we discuss choosing your paint colours and the way in which colours can be used.


A traditional way of using paint in the home is to use colour on the wall and white paint on the woodwork. Whilst this provides a very clean-line finish, it can also look very harsh. To soften the appearance of this colour contrast, you may consider painting the ceiling a sympathetic colour to your walls – this works particularly well if you use cream tones on the walls.

Dark Woodwork

In complete contrast to the first example, you may consider using colour on your woodwork and a light shade on your walls. If you have panelled walls or statement doors, this design can work particularly well.

Varying Shades

Colour can look great when varying shades of the same colour are used. If you like the look of a minimalist aesthetic, but don’t want your home to look too cold or plain, using neutral colours in varying shades can provide depth, whilst still keeping a minimalist finish.

Bold Colours

Of course, if you would like to make a statement, using colour in your home can help you express your personality. Whether you choose a bold statement paint to cover one wall, a wallpaper or vibrant accessories to liven up the space, the use of colour can be a great way to tie everything to together.

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