How To Hang Patterned Wallpaper

An image of a living room wall with patterned wallpaper on it.






Wallpaper can be the perfect addition to a room, adding interest to smaller spaces and warmth to larger rooms. Whilst many people want to add wallpaper to a room, they often decide against it for fear of hanging it wrongly.

Patterned wallpaper has increased greatly in popularity over the years, meaning that hanging wallpaper correctly has never been more important.

In the latest post from A & J Painters and Decorators, we take a look at top tips for hanging patterned wallpaper, ensuring you always get a perfect finish.

Before hanging your new wallpaper, you’ll need to prepare your walls. Be sure to remove any paper on the wall and unscrew any fixings, loosening the plug sockets, but keeping them in place.

If you have imperfections on your wall, hanging lining paper can help to disguise these and give you a smooth finish, it will also prevent the new wallpaper from shrinking once it is hung.

If you have decided on the wallpaper you would like, you’ll need to make sure all the batch numbers match up, ensuring that the colours, patterns and finishes are the same.

When cutting your wallpaper, make sure that you cut the paper a little longer than you actually need, to save wasting paper that has been cut incorrectly. When you have hung the paper, you can trim the edges as much as you need to.

If using a wallpaper with a large pattern, be sure that you have the full pattern showing at the top of the paper and do not cut it off. By doing this, you may use more wallpaper to ensure the pattern matches up but will have a consistent result across the wall.

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