Home Improvements: Get Your Home Christmas Ready

An image of a painter pating a home to improve its appearance.







With Christmas just around the corner, many of us are turning our attention to those niggling home improvements we have putting off for a while. Whether it’s a broken gate, a few holes in the walls from pictures and shelves that have now been moved or a flickering outside light, making such home improvements can have a dramatic effect on not only the visual appeal of your home, but also how welcoming it feels to your guests.

In the latest A&J Painters and Decorators blog post, we discuss the small changes you can make to your home that have a great impact.


You may have turned a blind eye to the chipping paint at the side of your house and on your fence, but for your visitors, the outside is the first impression they receive. A home could be perfectly kept on the inside, but tired paintwork can make the building seem old and dated.

When painting the exterior of your home, you need to be especially aware of hazards and always use paint that is specifically designed to withstand outdoor conditions. If you’re unable to reach certain areas, call in the professionals, they will have all the equipment needed for the job and it will usually take a lot less time to complete.

Mending Fences and Gates

At this time of year, when the nights are drawing in and many of us are stocking up on gifts to give to our loved ones, burglary crime rates typically rise. Burglars will typically look for homes that have an easy escape route, so it is not surprising that even small picket fences can often deter thieves from targeting your home.

Broken gates and fences don’t always impact the visual appeal of your home, but they can cause an annoyance for those entering and leaving your home. To give your home an energy boost for the upcoming new year, consider having these elements repaired or replaced.

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