House Improvements to Increase Your Valuation

If you’re planning to move home, it’s likely that you’ll end up having to make a decision between making some home improvements in a bid to sell your house for its highest valuation, or leave out the hassle of home improvements and potentially accept a lower offer.

In the latest blog post, we take a look at some of the most popular ways to add value to your home, according to renovation expert Michael Holmes.

Add Central Heating

Michael Holmes advises that the installation of central heating “will always add more to the value of a property than it costs”. Central heating is often considered essential by most buyers and mortgage valuers. Updates to the heating system should be done in conjunction with improving the overall efficiency of the home.

Other home improvements may include:

  • Adding installation to the loft space.
  • Replacing loose or broken windows
  • Sealing drafts

Fix Structural Issues

Structural issues can be costly and time-consuming. Some individuals will be happy to take on a bit of project when buying a new home, so before diving right into fixing such issues, consider how much your house could go for, without such changes being made.

However, if you’d like to add value to your home, tackling structural issues is a must. As such work can be disruptive, it is important to identify structural issues early on to avoid ruining any already completed cosmetic work.

Fix Cosmetic Defects

Chipped or peeling paint, ripped wallpaper and dingy ceilings may be quick faults to put right, however, such changes can make a great difference to the overall atmosphere of a room. They say that one of the best techniques to utilise when selling your home is to sell a lifestyle. By displaying a home that appears tired and worn down, you reinforce the idea that the investment will consume a lot of time and money. Taking a day or two to work your way around your home and patch up any areas that are looking a little worse for wear will instantly improve aesthetic elements that many people make a judgement by.

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