How Your Office Colour Scheme Could Affect Your Employees

It has long been agreed that colours affect our mood, even influencing our productivity. With that in mind, it makes sense that when it’s time to spruce up the office, you base your colour scheme on what attitude you want to instil in your employees. Here are our top three things to consider when choosing the perfect redesign for your business.


An image of the Google offices bespoke, modern interior.







Consider The Industry You Work In

This may sound obvious, but if you work within the law industry it’s probably not a great idea to paint your office bright orange with baby pink spots. Aside from looking slightly ridiculous, your employees might not take their work quite as seriously as you would like.

It’s important that you consider the message you are trying to send when selecting decor. Brighter colours are said to accentuate creativity, that could be why Google have such colourful and quirky headquarters; they are renowned for encouraging creativity within their workforce.

Painting the Exterior Of Your Property

Creating an attractive exterior property requires just as much attention as the focus you put on the interior, it is the first thing your employees see when they arrive at work after all.


An image of a large building owned by Snapchat with inspirational decor

Before you grab your paintbrush and get started it is important to know whether your building is listed as historic or not, as this can affect what you have permission to do in terms of decor. Choose lighter colours for larger buildings but stay away from greys, as this can have quite a negative effect on your employees.

Painting The Interior Of Your Property

The inside of your building is where your psychological colours are essential – as this is where you employees spend most of their time. If you want your business to have a high-end feel then consider black and white decoration – which instils a feeling of sophistication and simplicity.

If you truly want to get into the idea of using the working environment to influence your employee’s work ethic, why not consider implementing a scheme based on the Chinese art of feng shui? The five aspects to implement are fire, wood, water, earth and metal. Basing your colour scheme around these concepts might help in creating a calmer atmosphere with reduced stress. Read more about incorporating feng shui into your commercial office here.


An image showing a busy office space in need of a re-design.

An image showing a busy office space in need of a re-design.

Whereas if you are looking to induce a bit more excitement and productivity to the everyday working lives of your employees, why not consider neutral decor with a pop of brighter colour? You could invest in a feature wall or coloured noise separators. Yellow is a great choice to create a cheery atmosphere, or red to generate energy and a ‘go-get-em’ attitude.

Whatever type of business you run, you can decide what colour to invest in by using this helpful guide. Our team at A & J Painters and Decorators are always on hand to offer our professional advice. Get in touch today via our contact page or call the number relevant to your area and we will be more than happy to offer assistance.

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