Make a Room Feel Warmer

An image of a cosy bedroom with a decorative chair with a blanket laying over it.






The summer heatwave we experienced feels like a distant memory, and now we’re coming towards the end of November, the cold weather has well and truly set in.Making your house feel cosy at this time of year can make all the difference. In the latest post from A & J Painters and Decorators, we discuss top tips for making your house feel that little bit cosier at this time of year.


The first impression people get of your home is from the aesthetic you create on the outside. To create a warm welcome make sure that any fencing around your home is in good shape, with no chipped paint. You could even consider updating the colour of your front door to a warm burnt orange or a deep shade of red.


The type of lighting used in a space can make a great difference. Changing your bulbs from cool to warm toned will instantly spread a warm glow and make the space feel cosy. Additionally, fairy lights can be added around shelves to create depth and elements of interest around the room.

Aside from electrical lighting, pillar candles look great in groups of varying sizes and can add a warming feel to any room.


Whilst a lick of fresh paint can brighten up any room, if you have a particularly large room, it can feel cold or stark. To avoid this, adding wallpaper to a room can make all the difference. Wallpapers can add a statement feature to a room and sometimes draw the walls in to make the room feel cosier.

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