Office Decor Inspiration

An image of an attractive office space.


When decorating an office space, many people find it difficult to strike the right balance between a comfortable environment and a professional work space. In the latest blog post by A&J Painters and Decorators, we discuss office decor ideas to help you create the perfect space for your work.

1) Bring the Outdoors In

If you work inside an office all day, you can begin to lose inspiration and often feel like you need to step outside for some fresh air. Although it’s always important to leave a window open and regularly take breaks to help you refresh your mind during the working day, you can bring a touch of the outside in with the use of plants.

What’s more, plants oxygenate your office to help reduce stuffiness and, in turn, improve concentration.

2) Include Art

By its nature, art is creative and inspirational. Including a few statement art pieces provides personality and fun to your office space, ensuring all team members have an aesthetically appealing space to work in.

Artwork for your office doesn’t have to be expensive and can come in all sizes to suit small and large spaces.

3) Lighting

The lighting of your office space can make a big difference, not only to the comfort of your employees, but also to the visual appeal of the space.

Task lighting that illuminates one particular area is an attractive option and often looks a lot more inviting than harsh overhead ceiling lights. If your office space gets a lot of natural light, try minimising the use of artificial light, particularly in the summer, not only will you save electricity, you’ll also potentially avoid headaches that can be caused by harsh lighting.

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