Putting Personality into Your Home

An image of living room with neutral walls and colourful accessories to add personality to the room.






It used to be the case that statement wallpaper and bold colours filled every room in a house. However, in recent years, homeowners have opted for a more neutral look.
Of course, having a simple backdrop to showcase your own style against is one thing, but take it a step too far and you’re in danger of having a space that is void of personality. In our latest post, A&J Painters and Decorators discuss how to ensure your own style is displayed in a room, using simple tips.

A Warm Welcome

What do your guests see when they first walk through your front door? If the answer is peeling wallpaper or chipped paint, you may be distracting them from the lovingly placed ornaments or artwork you have hung.

Our first top tip is to ensure that all wallpaper and paintwork is in tip-top condition. The hall, stairs and landing can be particularly tricky places to decorate and if you’re hanging patterned wallpaper, you will need to ensure each edge matches up.


Although it is particularly common for many modern homes to have a neutral backdrop running through them, colour should be used to showcase personal style. Whether you are injecting pops of colour with your accessories, window dressings or photos, be sure to have a clear vision of the look you want to achieve, before making any purchases.


You should know the exact measurements of the space and be certain on where you want to place any additions to your room before spending your money on them. Remember, adding artwork or furniture to certain areas of your home can make them feel enclosed or cluttered, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice from those your trust.

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