Top Ways To Revamp a Small Living Room

AJ Painters, we offer a wide range of commercial and domestic decorating services, and with experience working on both small and large scale rooms, we have an abundance of ideas to take your space from feeling small and cramped to bright and airy in no time at all.

An image showing a close up of a grey patterned sofa next to a small round side table with books and a vase of fresh flowers on top.

For more tips on how you can transform your small living room, keep reading:

A Feature Wall

By making the largest wall of your space into a feature wall, you immediately draw attention to the largest area of space, deceiving the eye into thinking the room offers more space than it really does. A feature wall is one that stands out against a typically neutral backdrop. Feature walls can add a touch of personality and colour to a room, without overcrowding it and making it feel even smaller. They can be achieved through a matching colour, wallpaper, panelling or even a mural.


You don’t want to make your living space feel like you’ve just walked into the House of Mirrors at a funfair, however, by strategically placing mirrors opposite windows or open doorways, you reflect the extra space, making the room you are in feel a lot bigger. For a greater effect, you could opt for a frameless mirror or one that has a reflective frame so it blends into the rest of the wall, rather than becoming a stand out feature.

Multi-Functional Furniture

The furniture you incorporate into a space can make a huge difference to not only how much space you will have left to move around the living room, but also how cramped the space feels. When deciding on the furniture you will incorporate into a small room, it will be necessary to strike the elusive balance between aesthetic appeal and practicality. Using furniture with multiple uses, such as sofas that turn into beds, or that have under-cushion storage, or coffee tables with drawers underneath, will ensure that your living space stays functional yet stylish.

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