Transforming Your School Interior

An image of a chalk board inside a school.







Schools are a hub of activity, which can mean that the building suffers from general marks and scratches that build up over time. In the latest post from A & J Painters and Decorators, we take a look at ways in which schools can transform their interior.

The most common interior issues that affect school buildings are scuff marks on floors and skirting boards, chipped and marked walls and worn floors. However, although these things can make a big difference to the appearance of the building, they can also be easily rectified.

Schools typically wait until the holidays to carry out maintenance work to ensure that all spaces in the building can be accessed.


The flooring of any space can make a huge difference to the aesthetics of the entire room because it covers the length and width of the space.

Many schools make use of hard wearing flooring that can withstand heavy foot traffic, without wearing down. However, in some traditional school buildings, the floors may need to be repainted or revarnished in order to keep them looking pristine.

Many schools use neutral colours throughout their corridors to ensure that they can be easily repainted when necessary. The environment which you work in can make a huge difference to how motivated you are to work and how focused you are on your work. Calming blues and neutral tones are often used in school environments to promote focus and productivity.

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