Updating Your Office interior


Every business will have a set budget when it comes to funding decor and interior projects. However, even with the tightest of budgets, there are always small changes you can do that end up having a great and positive impact on the overall feel of your interior. A & J Painters and Decorators discuss handy ways to update the interior of your commercial space and why doing so is important.

Do I Need to Update my Office Interior?

If you are wondering whether you need to spend money on updating the aesthetics of your office, keep in mind how your office feels as you walk into it and what will catch the eye of others that have never been there before. Whilst you may overlook scruffy bits of paintwork or marks in the walls, new visitors will be seeing these for the first time and they will look as prominent as ever.

Aside from ensuring you have a smart office space to accommodate visitors and meetings, several studies have proven that the environment which you work in can make a great difference to productivity levels, concentration and atmosphere.

If your office space has become uninspiring to work in, investing in this area could provide you with a great return should your employees feel more motivated and happy in the workplace.

How To Decorate a Commercial Space?

Decorating your office is a very different ball game to decorating your home. When it comes to the office environment, you will need to ensure that your decor remains on-brand, keeping everyone singing to the same hymn sheet.

To unify the space you are working, try to pick a maximum of three complementing colours to use throughout the space, then use these in additions such as cushions for the sofas or chairs, stationery and artwork.

An office space should not be over-crowded or distracting, so try to keep a neutral backdrop, with additions of personality splashed throughout.

Lighting up Your Office

Your office lighting makes a great difference to the aesthetics of the space and can even prevent headaches and strained eyes.

If your office receives a lot of natural light, you may not need your lights on at all during the summer. When you do need to use extra lighting, desk lamps that illuminate a particular spot can be less harsh and will allow each team member to adapt the level of lighting they have for a more personalised workspace.

A & J Painters and Decorators

If the time has come for you to begin scheduling updates for your office’s interior, we welcome you to contact our trusted team. Having carried out commercial decoration in milton keynes & beyond for many years, we have a wealth of experience in working in both large and small commercial buildings. We will ensure all work is completed to the highest standards and clear away any mess to leave you with a smart and personalised office space. Please call 01234 857057 today.