How to Choose a Reputable Painter and Decorator Within Your Area

an image of a roller paintbrush painting black paint onto a white wall

Here at AJ Painters and Decorators, we wholly believe that considerable thought should be put into your choice of domestic painter and decorator. The industry is littered with painters and decorators whose work leaves much to be desired, so trawling through the sea of tradesmen to discover one that will complete the project efficiently and professionally is no easy feat. Below, we’ve listed three important aspects to think about before settling on a reputable painter and decorator.

Personal Recommendations

To ensure that you discover a reputable painter and decorator within your area of choice, why not talk with family and friends? Word-of-mouth is completely free and is definitely a useful way of finding out which painters and decorators could be employed within your own home renovation projects. You can even see first-hand examples of their work and decide whether their particular style and efficiency is for you.


One surefire way of determining a reputable painter and decorator within your area is by taking a look at their various accreditations. Over the years, we have amassed a wealth of celebrated accreditations, from the official NHS contractors certificate to a Constructionline membership. By choosing a reputable painter and decorator based on their accreditations, you are guaranteed to receive a service that is of a high standard.

Online Reviews

Online reviews are a fantastic way to scope out any potential painter and decorator. Most painting and decorating firms should boast an online presence – if they don’t, that’s one flag already raised. AJ Painters and Decorators Ltd appear on a number of online listings and utilise various social media platforms such as Facebook to make sure that our stunning reviews from past customers are wholly visible to potential new customers. Online review sites such as Google are great for displaying unbiased reviews.

Contact Our Team

Ultimately, selecting a reputable painter and decorator will take extensive research and many conversations with acquaintances around the area. If you’re based in Bedfordshire and are seeking help from a professional firm, the AJ Painters and Decorators Ltd team has the experience and skill necessary to complete a variety of beautiful home renovations. Contact the team by calling 01234 857057 and find out how we can help you today.