Painting Tips

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If you would like to update the appearance of your home or have moved homes and would like to change the current decor, we have some top tips for you. In the latest blog post from A and J Painters & Decorators, we discuss top tips for painting, ensuring you get a high-quality finish every time.


Before you begin painting, it is important to prepare the area. Be sure to cover or remove any furniture and personal belongings from the space that you do not want paint on. Clean your walls and make sure they are smooth enough to paint on – in some cases, you may need to go over rough patches with sanding paper.

Next, you will want to place masking tape around where the ceiling and skirting edges meet the wall, this will help you to avoid getting your wall colour on these areas. Once fully painted, it can be tempting to remove the masking tape straight away, however, by doing this you risk disrupting the clean line edges you have created. Leave the paint to dry for at least 24 hours and then remove the tape to reveal a neat edge.

Brush Strokes

The technique you use for painting can make a huge difference to the overall finish once the job is completed. When painting a wall, use a roller and roll the full height of the wall, instead of doing as far as you can reach an leaving the top for later. By rolling the full height of the wall as you go, it will be clear how much you have left to cover, which will help you decide whether or not you need more paint. Additionally, this technique should help you to keep a “wet edge”, avoiding the lap marks that can occur when layers of paint build up.

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