Top Tips for Painting a Ceiling

An image of white paint on a ceiling which shows patches on uneven paint.


If you’re planning to update one or several rooms in your home, you may also be planning on applying a fresh coat of paint to the ceiling. A&J Painters and Decorators discuss top tips for painting a ceiling so you can get the best finish.

Protect your Furniture

Not only do you consistently have to tilt your head upwards when painting a ceiling, which can make things tiresome, you also have to watch out for splashes that could easily fall down to the space underneath. Before you begin painting, or even open your paint tin, be sure to cover the furniture below with dust sheets to protect them from unruly splashes of paint. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to cover every square inch of your room, so if you notice a splash of paint, be sure to clean it up straight away – this will definitely make the clearing up process a lot easier.

Use Masking Tape

Another step that should always be taken before you put paint to paintbrush is to apply masking tape around the entire edge of the ceiling and any light fittings and switches. By applying tape you will ensure a clean cut finish and prevent other areas of the room being marked by paint. Taping may be less important if the rest of the room hasn’t been decorated yet, but is still worthwhile doing to protect fittings and begin with a clean edge finish.

Cutting in

Once you have fully protected all items in the room, including your electrical fittings, provided you have a stable ladder, you are ready to begin. You might think that from here you can begin painting the ceiling at whichever spot takes your fancy. However, although this may be a quick method, you could also end up with visible join marks and an uneven spread of paint. Before you begin painting, cut-in the edge of the ceiling using a small brush. Paint a line around the edge of the ceiling that is around 2 inches thick – you may want this to be thicker if you have already painted the walls of your room.

Begin Painting

It may seem like a lot of prep work, but following these steps will ensure you are able to achieve an even and smooth finish. You should now be ready to begin painting the rest of your ceiling with a roller brush.

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